Lesson Plans for Business Communication are complimentary and will you save an immense amount of time and help you organize and manage your course more effectively.

Change Business Communication Textbooks Quickly and Easily with QuickSwitch–Includes Lesson Plans!

Help instructors change business communication texts quickly and easily. Register now for QuickSwitch, so you can demonstrate this one-of-a-kind system to prospective adopters.

The components of this system include the following:

▪ Selection Advice: Guides instructors in choosing the best one of three Bovee & Thill business communication texts for their course as they transition from their current text.

▪ Content Mapping: Shows where to find comparable content sections from their current book in the Bovée & Thill book that has been chosen.

▪ Terminology Translator: Provides instructors with an understanding of the similarities and differences between their current text's terminology and the Bovee and Thill book they have chosen.

▪ Activity Mapping: Shows where to find comparable assignments and other student projects.

▪ Syllabus: This interactive tool helps instructors generate a syllabus that makes the best use of their new Bovée & Thill title, including course outcomes, detailed assessment rubrics, and the framework for a course calendar.

▪ Lesson Plans. These plans will provide instructors with solid support for teaching a business communication or business writing course.

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