Syllabi and Lesson Plans for Business Communication

Syllabi and lesson plans for business communication are now available from QuickSwitch, along with a number of other useful resources.These include

Selection Advice: How to choose the best one of three Bovee & Thill business communication texts for your course as you transition from your current text.

Content Mapping: Compared to your current text, we'll explain here to find familiar content in your chosen Bovee & Thill text and what new content will be available in the text you’ve chosen.

Terminology Translator: Understanding the similarities and differences between your current text and the Bovee and Thill book you’ve chosen.

Activity Mapping: Where to find similar student exercises and activities in your chosen Bovee and Thill text and which new activities are available.

Syllabus: Carefully prepared and including a rich assortment of exercises and cases.

Lesson Plans. These plans will provide you with solid support for teaching your business communication course.

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