Syllabi and Lesson Plans for Business Communication

Syllabi and lesson plans for business communication or business writing are now available from QuickSwitch, along with a number of other useful resources.These include

Selection Advice: Guides instructors in choosing the best one of three Bovee & Thill business communication texts for their course as they transition from their current text.

Content Mapping: Shows where to find comparable content sections from their current book in the Bovée & Thill book that has been chosen.

Terminology Translator: Provides instructors with an understanding of the similarities and differences between their current text's terminology and the Bovee and Thill book they have chosen.

Activity Mapping: Shows where to find comparable assignments and other student projects. The guide also highlights new material and new activities available in the chosen Bovée & Thill book that the current textbook doesn’t have.

Syllabus: This interactive tool helps instructors generate a syllabus that makes the best use of their new Bovée & Thill title, including course outcomes, detailed assessment rubrics, and the framework for a course calendar. Instructors can easily pull in content from their existing syllabus and add required material from their institution. After instructors complete an online interview, the system generates a Word document that instructors can then customize and finalize as needed.

Lesson Plans. These plans will provide instructors with solid support for teaching a business communication or business writing course.

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